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Our courses are created to satisfy a changing market or for those who have decided to expand their options with a fo–cus on career growth.

Inoltre, in questo periodo di grandi cambiamenti, i CCQ così come i corsi per differenze, permettono alle Compagnie aeree di ingaggiare i migliori professionisti riqualificandoli sulla base delle necessità contingenti.

Moreover, in this period of great changes, CCQs as well as Boeing difference courses, allow Airlines to hire the best professionals by reskilling them based on contingent needs.

This also allows them to recruit new staff by training them at reduced cost and time.

Like all our courses, CCQs are taught exclusively by qualified instructors who have decided to work with our ATO by offering their knowledge and experience to those who decide to train with us.

During the theoretical training, the student pilot will review the systems of the new Type through our CBT, while all phases of simulator training are designed by experienced pilots to optimize the pilot's skills and ability to handle different circumstances.


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