L’obIettivo del corso è quello di evidenziare le differenze tra l’A320 e l’A330, per consentire una transizione graduale alla nuova macchina, nonché di raggiungere la competenza necessaria per operare con l’A330 in tutta sicurezza e nel pieno rispetto della regolamentazione EASA.

type - d1

Pre-entry requirements:

  • ATPL or CPL and theoretical ATPL (for First Officer only) 
  • Valid A330/A340 Type Rating until skill test
  • Minimum experience of at least 3 months and 150 flight hours on Type Rating A330
  • English ICAO Level 4 
  • Valid first class medical certificate


  • Self study in formula distance learning
  • 12 hours of simulator training with TRI
  • Skill test in the simulator with TRE


The practical part at the simulator can be held at one of the following locations, based on the pilot's availability and needs:

  • Vantaaa
  • Paris
  • Details about Touch&Gos, will be provided at first contact.

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