Assessment Preparation Course

Did you know that CVs are viewed for an average of 6 seconds? How can you stand out among many applicants? On the strength of our partnerships with several airlines, we have developed solutions designed by experienced pilots and HRs that will empower you to prepare for any selection process.

Whether you already have a selection scheduled or don't want to be found unprepared when your opportunity comes, get ready with experienced instructors and HRs.


Get ready to discover what's behind the world of selection, how to properly look for open positions, who to contact, how to manage your researches.

During the classes, we'll teach you how to get a job interview, how to manage it and how to pass it.

Starting with CV writing, you will then be involved in tests, mock technical and personal (HR) interviews, and group exercises


What should you expect from a selection with an airline? Naturally, they will test your flying and situation management skills.

In our B737- 800 simulator you will receive, from qualified instructors, training that matches the Companies' briefing packs so that you can recreate in a controlled and highly formative environment, what will happen on the day of the real assessment.


La durata è di 6 giorni e si compone di tre fasi:

  • Preparazione alla selezione / esercizi di gruppo / intervista HR
  • Preparazione colloquio tecnico
  • 12 ore (per crew) di preparazione sul nostro simulatore Boeing 737-800


Hai la possibilità di prenotare gli slot con istruttore e concentrarti solo sulla preparazione pratica dell’assessment, a bordo del nostro simulatore B737-800.

(APC Light)

La durata è di 1 giorno (per un partecipante) o di un giorno e mezzo (per due partecipanti).

Le ore totali di addestramento sono 8 (per 1 partecipante) o 12 (per due partecipanti) così distribuite:

  • 4 ore di teoria (preparazione al colloquio di selezione, preparazione agli esercizi di gruppo, preparazione colloquio tecnico)
  • 4 o 8 ore di preparazione sul nostro simulatore Boeing 737-800 (4 ore da PF per un partecipante oppure 4 ore da PF più altre 4 ore da PM nel caso di due partecipanti)

Assessment Partnership

Thanks to our collaboration with SunExpress, students who enroll in the course and reach the required standards, will have the opportunity directly pass to the selection process.

We have also started a partnership with the airline SmartLynx for training, with the possibility of hiring on the Airbus A320.

Number of placements are limited, do not miss this opportunity



Pre-Entry Requirements:

  • Atpl Frozen (CPL, IR, ME)
  • MCC or APS MCC

To date, those who have taken the APC course have been hired within 3 months of completing the course. Enroll in the APC course and increase your chances of getting hired.


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