The aim of the course is to provide candidates with the tools to be able to transfer their knowledge and skills to the trainees with whom they will be encountering throughout their careers, based on individual differences and needs.

The exercises, born out of the many years of experience of our instructors, provide real-world scenarios that offer practical and effective tools.

type - d1


  • 25 hours of Teaching&Learning
  • 10 hours of Technical Review
  • 10 hours* of training simulator training with a TRI
  • 4 hours* of Assessment Of Competence with TRE

*hours should be intended per crew; each course needs at least two participants to be set up

The Teaching&Learning Teaching&Learning phase is not necessary if the candidate already has one of the following endorsements listed on the EASA license: TRI, SFI, MCCI, FI.


Milano, Parigi, Berlino, Dubai, Istanbul, Madrid

The location is chosen based on the candidate's needs and slot availability.


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