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European Aviation Academy is a company leader in the field of type rating .

È autorizzata all’erogazionem, sotto il proprio certificato dei corsi corsi per:

We boast a very high hiring rate for our students, upon completion of the courses. This confirms the excellent work our TRI instructors do, sharing their experience and professionalism.

Are you an Airline Company? Do you need to train your crew?

We can customize the course according to the company SOPs.


Dubai, Milano, Berlino, Parigi, Istanbul

Parigi, Helsinki

Parigi, Helsinki

Parigi, Helsinki

Milano, Istanbul, Berlino, Dubai, Parigi





Francoforte, Vienna

The course is carried out in three or four phases

Home Study

80 hours of study with CBT/WBT.

Before starting the theoretical course in the classroom, the student could be required to complete a 80 hours CBT / WBT platform course.. In this phase you will start to get to know the aircraft's systems, this knowledge will be deepened with an instructor in a later phase.

Ground School

96 hours - 12 days of instructor lessons - Systems, Procedures, Performance, SOP.

During classes you will deepen every topic of CBT with an instructor who will teach how to use manuals such as: FCOM, QRH, FCTM and checklists. There will be various exercises with flight plans and performance and you will start learning how to use FMS/FMGS.

Simulator Training

14 ore FBS (B737) – 36 ore FFS(A320, B37) – 50 ore Totali (B737)

With a TRI (Type Rating Instructor) you will perform 14 hours on our FTD 737NG simulator, 32 training hours on a FFS (Full Fight Simulator) and 4 hours of check in with an Authorized TRE (Type Rating Examiner).

Base Flight - ZFTT

6/4 touch and go

Base Flight – ZFTT.
As requested by EASA, 6 or 4 touch and go will be required, depending on the candidate's experience, upon completion of the Type Rating course. The last phase of the course will be organised with one of our partner airlines.
This last phase of the course will then be organised with one of our partner airlines.

Difference Course
737 NG to CL e CL to NG

Do you need a difference course on B737? 
Contact us, we can offer you all kinds of alternative courses!

NG to CL and CL to NG

Do you need a different course on B737? 
We can adapt the course to your needs.


Location for Theory: Rome.
Simulator location
A320: Rome, Berlin, Istanbul, Tunisi, Milan.
B737: Rome, Berlin, Istanbul, Riga, Milan.

Course Length: 45 days.

Home Study: 10 days.
Groundschool: 12 days.

Simulator Training: 12-15 days.

70 hours PIC

IR ME in progress


UPRT Avanced

1st class medical license

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